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Birmingham, Alabama 

Mulberry Missionary Baptist Association 

v. 1. 1844 

v. 2. 1856 

v. 11. 1895 

v. 12. 1896 

v. 3. 1873 

v. 4. 1879 

v. 13. 1897 

v. 14. 1898 

v. 5. 1881 

v. 15. 1899 

v. 6. 1885 

v. 7. 1886 

v. 16. 1900 

v. 8. 1887 

v. 9. 1889 

v. 10. 1892 









OCTOBER 6 and 7, 1897. 

J. M. Langston . 



Clerk . 

Six Mile, Ala. 
Clanton, Ala. 

The next session -will be held with Collins Chapel Church, four 

miles north-east of Strasburg, in Chilton County, Ala., on 

Wednesday before the First Sunday in October, 1898. 


The Bauer m Prist 
Clanton, Ala. 




> ■* 





Antioch Church, Bibb County, Ala., Oct., 6, 1897. 

This being the day set for the meeting of the seventieth 
session of the Mulberry Baptist Association" the peop havfng 
assembed together and Brother L. B. Pounds, who i,ad been 
appointed to preach the Introductory Sermon, not being present, 
Brother R. H Long was called upon to preach the Introductory 
bermon, and his text was the seventh chapter and second verse of 
11 Kings; his theme was "Unbelief and its effects." 

After the sermon a recess of one hour was given for dinner 
and the very large crowd was bountifully supplied with food 
both for the people and their stock. 

„,, Th T e Association was then called together and, after singing, 
Elder J. M. Langston, the former Moderator, read a chaptered 
offered prayer a, ; d then called the body to order and proceeded 
to business as follows : F 

First, appointed Brethren W. H. Conuell and F. M Lana- 
ston Jr. to read the letters. " B 

f tJ h A I" 3 " 168 ° f th f, c , hurches " ere tfa en called and the names 
or the delegates enrolled. 

Rchoboth-).-? -Collins, D. L. Smitherman, CapeMilner,* 
J. H. Crumpton, J. M. Smitherman, A. G. Gentry * 

M. A^noTdT* R ' J * J ° neS '* JaS ' McLero > r '* G - C - Bradley,* F. 

Bens™***™' SpringS '~ W : H ' Conw «y, W. L. Honeycutt, J. H. 

W rT £lf£T® ; ?" *»&* J" P - Gentry,* J. M . Scott, G. 
W. Gotbard,*. E J Scott,* J. R. Marler,* F. M. Langston. 

shee y Htll ~ G ' L - Foshee,* W. D. Z. Foshee, F. M. Fo- 

Collins Chapel- W. Gore, G. W. Mims,* A. Littleton, W 
A. Mims. ' * 

A i A w ° C n~ J \ M ^ a ? g8t ° n ' S ' Smitherraan - G. W. Freeman, 
A. J. \\oolley, A. F. L. Head, J. D. Langston, W. H H 
Horn,* G. A. Parker,* M. D. Langston. 

tin * ^^^ HiU ~~^' A> McG raw s G. W. Langston, J. H. Mar- 

Providence— R. M. Honeycutt, W. R. Houlditch,* T. E 
Campion,* J. A. Loweryy W. H. Sbaw, J. T, Martin,* W. A. 

u u? /e ? S V*T G T r0ve — D - Z Merchant,* D. B. Oaen,* D. C* 
Hubbard, Z. J. Jones,* E. Z. Atchison, J. F M. Thomas. 

New Salem— Felix Eiland,* William Pierce* G. W Mad- 
dox, J. P Burnett • G. W. Sorrell,* T. G. Williams, Robert 
Hardie, John Littlejohn. 

Niv ¥? C M° S£f~w S' f r6eman ' S ' T E - Waldrupe,* William 
Nix,* J. M. Nix, H. H. Armstrong,* J. P. Atchison.* 


■ 'JW * 

* <■ 


On motion, J. M. Langston, the former Moderator, and R. 
M. Honeycutt, former Clerk, wire re-elected by acclamation. 
The Constitution and Rule* of Decorum were then read. 
Next open the door for churches to join our union. 
Open the door for correspondence. 

Received from Unity Association : R. H. Long, S. M. 
Adams; from Shelby Association : Capt. Pratt, W. H. Connell, 
Daniel Freeman and M. J. Langston ; From Cahaba : J. N. C. 
Brown, J. C. Suttle, J. C. Hicks. 

Return correspondence. To Shelby Association : J. M. 

The Moderator then announced the following special com- 
mittees : 

On Devotional Exercises — F. M. Arnold, Y. O. Freeman, 
with the deacons of Antioch church. 

Finance — D. C. Hubbard, A. J. Wool ley, £. Z. Atchison. 
Nominations — G. W. Freeman, J. T. Collins, W. H. Shaw. 

The report of the Committee on Sunday-schools was then 
read by Alex Glasscock r and on motion to adopt was discussed 
by A. Glasscock. S. Smitherman, J. C. Suttle and others. Then 
adopted as follows : 


We, your Committee would gladly report that the Sabbath- 
school work in some of our churches is on gaining ground. We 
believe in the Sabbath-school is the place where parents should 
take their children and teach them God's Word, and teach them 
to love and obey God's Word, and teach them how to sing God's 
praises. We believe that Sabbath-schools are a great help to 
the church. We hear our ministers say :hat where the people 
attend Sabbath-school it is easy to get their attention. That be- 
ing the case they are more apt to accept the Word of God. We 
see too that those members who attend regularly — brother or 
sister, young or old— enjoy their religion more. We should 
remember that our blessed Lord taught in synagogues on the Sab- 
bath, and we pray for more Sabbath-school workers. Brethren, 
we should wake up and go to work for the cause of Christ. Let 
those who work in Sabbath-schools invite others to come too. 
We feel that our brother preachers should talk Sabbath-school some 
while going to and fro to preach the gospel. We pray that the time 
is near when- all the churches will have a Sabbath-school and all 
the members will be helpers and workers in the cause. Brethren, 
if we would have our Sabbath-schools better let us pray God to 
help us live our religion at Sabbath-school and at home. We 
see those who have been brought up in Sabbath-schools — they 
are not ashamed to sing, to pray, to talk for Christ. We would 
pray God to help all of His children to be more devoted to the 
cause of Christ. A. Glasscock, Chairman. 


On motion, the following resolution was adopted : 

Resolved: That this Association hereby expresses its grati- 
tude for the fact that all the churches in our Association report 
Sabbath-schools at their churches, except two. 

The Devotional Committee made the following report : 
That Brother D. R. Jackson conduct devotional services 
to-morrow ot 8 : 30 a.m. 

The Committee on Entertainment then made a report in 
which they assigned the delegates and visitors homes during their* 
stay with the church. 

On motion, the Association then adjourned until 9 a.m. 

Thursday, October 7. 

The devotional exercises were conducted by Brother Jackson 
according to arrangements, and the Association was called to 
order at 9 a.m. 

The roll was called and absentees marked, (see table) 

Then Called for the report of Committee appointed at the 
last session of this body to inquire into the condition of Waxa- ' 
hatchie church, which was read and adopted as follows. 

Your Committee appointed at the last session of this body 
to inquire into the condition of Waxahatchie church reports as 
follows : We have inquired into the condition of Waxahatchie 
church and find that the most of the members of said church 
have removed from the neighborhood and that the bouse in which 
the church held its meetings has been taken away from them by 
the owner of the land, and that, they have been compelled to 
abandon the place as a place of worship. The church has never 
been formally dissolved, but has become so weak that they don't 
claim any organization now, and your Committee would recom- 
mend that the Association drop the name of the church from its 
roll. R. M. Honkycutt, Chairman. 

The Moderator then announced tbe following standing com- 
mittees, who will report at the next session of this body : 

Sunday-schools — W. A. Mims, A. Littleton. 
Temperance — J. P. Gentry, S. D. Posey. 
State Missions— G. W. Freeman, Z.J. Jones. 
Home Missions — W. Y. Nix, J. D. Glasscock. 
Foreign Missions — R. M. Honeycutt, W. H. Shaw. 
Ministerial Education — Sutton Smitherman, J. T. Collins. 
Home Religion — Z. J. Corley, W. J. Wallace. 
Periodicals — D. Z. Woolley, W. J. Langston. 
Orphans' Home — R. J. Jones, A. C. Cruse. 


— J» 


The Committee on Ministerial Education made their report, 
which was read by W. H, Shaw, and on motion to adopt was 
discussed by W. H. Shaw, W. H. Connell and others, and 
adopted as follows : 


We. your Committee on Ministerial Education, submit the 
following report : 

We feel that education is a thing that we should all be 
greatly interested in, because how can anyone teach without first 
% knowing himself? Then, in the ministry how can anyone teach 
sinners the way of salvation without knowing the way of salva- 
tion himself? Now, we believe that this way of salvation is 
taught to mankind by God Himself. Now, brethren, when God 
calls a man to the ministry with only a primary education we 
believe that such a man will preach to the glory of God whether 
he is ever educated any further or not. We believe further that 
there is being a greater effort made to-day to educate for the 
ministry than ever before. Brethren, !et us pray to the God of 
heaven that if it is His will for us to educate men for the minis- 
try, that we may know our duty and may do the same to the 
glory of God and to the upbuilding of His cause and kingdom 
in the w>rld. Brethren, God forbid that we as followers of 
Christ stiould ever love the goods cf this world above that of the 
cause of our blessed Master, and may the Spirit of God direct 
us in this and all other things we do or say is our prayer. 

W. H. Shaw, Committee. 
The Association then adjourned one hour for dinner, after 
which th<> report of the Committee on Temperance was called 
for and read by J. E. Jones, and on motion to adopt was dis- 
cussed by J. E. Jones/and others, and adopted with amendment. 


We. /our Committee on Temperance, beg to submit ths 
following : 

God's Word teaches us to be temperate in all things, and 
that no drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. We re- 
joice in the fact that the cause of temperance is on rising ground. 
Many Ch istians who but a few years ago, made and used intox- 
icating w tiskies, have seen the evil effect of that practice and do 
not now patronize the still. But we regret that quite a number 
of our people are patronizing the manufacturing and use of too 
much 6trot g drink. 

Your Committee would challenge the friends of intoxicating 
beverages to point out one individual in all the world made bet- 
ter by the use of the making of whisky. If any other article 
made by men had damaged as many souls and blighted as many 
homes as the manufacturing and use of whisky and brandy we 
believe that every Godly man and woman in all the !and would 
be agains it. Respectfully submitted, 

J. E, Tones, Chairman. 


Resolved: That it is the sense of the Mulberry Baptist As- 
sociation that it is not best for the cause of Christ for the churches 
composing this Association to retain in fellowship men who 
make, sell, or use to excess intoxicating whiskeys or brandy. 

R. H. Long. 

The Committee on Nominations made the follow report 
which was adopted : 


We, your Committee on Nominations, offer the following 

report : 

We recommend that the next session of the Mulberry Asso- 
ciation^ *e< held with Collins' Chapel church on Wednesday 
before the First Sunday in October, 1898. We further recom- 
mend G. W. Freeman to preach the Introductory Sermon, and 
W. A. Wood, alternate. 

We recommend J. M. Langston as Delegate to the Southern 
Baptist Convention, and A. L. Foshee, alternate. 

We further recommend that the Association pay at least 
half of the expenses of said delegate to Convention. 

W. H. Shaw, Chairman. 

The Committee on Missions offered the following report, 
read bv M. D. Langston, and on motion to adopt was discussed 
by W." A. Parker, after which a collection was taken for State 
Miasions/amQunting to $3.51. The report was adopted as follows : 


We, your Committee on State, Home and Foreign Missions, 
beg leave to report the following : 

The State Mission Board is located at Montgomery with 
Dr. W. C. Bledsoe as Corresponding Secretary. This Board is 
doing an excellent work in its different departments. During 
the present year several Missionaries have been at work under 
the direction of the Board. They have given themselves wholly 
to the work, canvassing different Associations, awakening deeper 
interest in Missions among people and pastors. In addition to 
increased, spirituality and appreciation of the work the col- 
lections'are better than in former years. The Board is looking 
after the points in Alabama where the Baptist cause is bleeding. 
Some of tie strongest and best of our city churches were aided 
in their incipiency by the Board and now they are doubly re- 
paying the money spent for them. In our own beloved Alabama 
there are many places where the Baptist cause is suffering, where 
a few faithful Baptists are pleading for a little aid to build a 
house of worship. In the beautiful little city of Greensboro the 
faithful few are crying who will help us, and with a little aid 
from each loyal Baptist in Alabama they could have a good 
house and thus glorify God's name. 

In addition to all this work the Institute work of Kev. <j. b. 
Anderson is under control of the State Board and is doing great 

This P 
work ih 
and So 
in Cub. 
ter Nev 
The w< i 
prises It 
ern Bap 

good, '/he Home Board is located at Atlanta, Ga., with Rev. 
Henry * r cDonald, President, and Rev. I. T. Tichner, Secretary, 
ird had last year under its control 411 Missionaries. Its 
to co-operate wit h the State Boards. It has formed an 
with the Boards of the colored State Convention and 
to press the evangelical work among Negroes of the 
This co-operation is established in Alabama and North 
th Carolina. The Home Board also control* the work 
and in the frontier States and has made an' effort to en- 
Mexico, but failed on account of the lack of funds, 
k in Cuba has been suspended owing to distractions 
v the efforts of the Cubans to free themselves from the 

field of operation of the Foreign Mission Board com- 
ily, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, China, Japan. The South- 
Jat Convention has Missionaries in all these fields, and 
other Baptist organizations also have Missionaries on all these 
fields. God is greatly blessing our work on these fields. Mis- 
sionaries are giving their lives for the work and those heathen 
who sit in darkness are being brought to the Light of the world. 
The work is encouraging- After a Mission is established and 
natives i iin the Church they are made assistants in the work and 
many of them make good workers. But even here we must be 
cautious Sometimes, there as here, men preach and teach the 
Word f r filthy lucre. We Baptists of Alabama should feel a 
very sti >ng bond for Foreign Missions since one of her own sons 
has left tome and friends to preach to the heathen. Let us heed 
the cry cf the teeming millions of perishing souls and with glad 
hearts ai d generous-hands give of our means and send our sons 
and c iu jhters to give them the. Bread of Life. 

* r e pray "Thy kingdom come." Are we doing what we 
at God may reign over the earth ? We pray for our Mis- 
ie* , but we do not pray enough for their support. We 
ur pastors to take more frequent collection* for this cause, 
are hard times, but we must not let the cause suffer. It 
«♦ do to retreat ; we have the Missionaries in the field and 
we mu t support them. 

Respectfully submitted, 

M.D LangstonJ Committee ; 
J. J. Hicks \ 

The Committee on Home Religion offered the following 
report, which was adopted as follows : 


M e, your Committee on Family Religion, beg leave to sub- 
mit th following : 

\\ j believe family religion to consist of many things; of 
publi' ™d secret devotion ; a religious walk and a Godly con- 
verse ; on in and about our homes. Those who practice this at 
home -re not ashamed abroad. We believe it to be the duty of 

can t 





— - 

all Christian fathers to pray in public and in their families at 
sometime. We are glad to know that many of our brethren 
practice this in their homes. It makes the home sweeter, the 
family pleasanter, and makes the way easier. May the Lord 
speed the time when every home will become a house of prayer 
and every heart a fit temple for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. 

S. Smithkrman. 

The Finance Committee made the following report which 
was adopted ; 


Your Committee on Finance submit the following report. 

Received for Minutes . . . . ■ . $27.07 

M " Orphans Home . . . n.75 

" " State Missions . ... 1.00 

" Home »* ... . . 2.65 

'* Foreign " . . . 5.15 

Total ..... . $47.62 

The following report on Orphans' Home was then adopted : 


The Baptist Widows' and Orphans' Home of Alabama is an 
institution of which every Baptist of Alabama should be proud, 
it was organized in 1893 and is located at Evergreen, Ala. The 
land bought for the Home has been paid for, but the Home is in 
need of money to make some repairs and for the support of the 
children that have been received into the Home. There is at 
present 38 children in the Home, 17 boys and 21 girls. Those 
of the boys who are old enough are being taught to work on the 
farm, and the girls are being taught to do house work ; and all 
who are old enough are being sent to school. Dear brethren, 
from the amount of money reported by our churches for the sup- 
port of the Home, there must be a great many of our members 
who do not contribute for the support of the Home. Will not 
all our members help to support this Home? Certainly it is 
a God-honored institution. We hope that at our next meeting 
there will not be a church but that will report help for the 
Orphans' Home. Clerk. 

The Association then ordered that the money received from 
the churches for missions, etc., be turned over to W. A. Parker, 
State Evangelist, and that the Clerk superintend the printing of 
the minutes and. sending same to the churches, and that he re- 
ceive ten dollars for his services. 

The following resolution was then passed : 

Resolved: That this Association most heartily thanks the 
members of Antioch church and the people of the neighborhood 
for their kind hospitality during this session. 

• T. G. Williams. 


The Association having finished the business before it ad- 
jor ned to meet with Collins' Chapel church, four miles north- 
eat of Strasburg, on the Louisville & Nashville railroad, Chil- 
ton County, Ala., on Wednesday before the First Sunday in 
October, 159$. 

J. M. Langston, Moderator. 

A, M. Honeycutt, Clerk. 


F1 st District. 

Program of the meeti g of the First District to be held with 
P asant Grove church on Thursday before the Fourth Sabbath 
\r July, 1898. 

Sermon by R, M, Koneycutt. 


1. What did Christ mean in Matthew 28:20, by saying 
* teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have eom- 
1 anded you?" Sutton Smitherm&n and G. W. Freeman. ; 

*, Does the Bible teach that a Christian can fall from grace 
4 be lost? D. B. Odrn and Martin Franklin. "< 

3 . Who does the iible say should partake of the Lord V 
: apper ? S. M. Adam and j/F. M. Thomas. 

4. Does the Bible teach that all nations have heard the Goo- 
«1? R, M. Honeycutt and Sutton Smitherman. 

5. Does the Bible teach that any hot Christ's disciples saw 
vim when He ascended, and will any but the Saints safe {fwi» 
•hen He comes again. Alex Glass and L. B. Pounds. 

I . ,, * 

Second District. 

Ao RtpvHt* 


i. The Association shall be composed of delegates chosen 
by the different churches, chosen by their own bodies, in our un- 
ion, who, on producing letters, certifying their appointment as 
delegates by their churches, shall be entitled to seats. 

2. The delegates thus chosen and convened shall be known 
by the name of the Mulberry Baptist Association, who shall 
usurp no authority over the churches in our union, or infringe on 
any of their internal rights, but merely be considered an advis- 
ory council in all matters relative to their internal concerns. 
Nevertheless, it becomes necessary in some cases to have a uni- 
form rule of procecdure, via. : If one church commit an offense 
against another it shall be the duty of the offended to labor with 
the offender for satisfaction ; if she fails of success she shall call 
the aid of two or more sister churches to assist in laboring for 
satisfaction ; and, if satisfaction cannot be thus obtained, it shall 
be the duty of the aggrieved church to bring the matter before 
the Association to be decided upon according to its merits. And 
if a serious difficulty should arise in an individual church which, 
upon due labor she cannot reconcile, she shall call the aid of 
two or more churches to assist in the work ; and if the difficulty 
be not thu* removed it shall be the duty of the church to bring 
the case to the Association to be acted upon as above described. 
But the Association will take cognisance of no case of the above 
kind unless doe course of proceedure shall have been previously 

.3. The churches of our union shall transmit to every annual 
s uas i on of the Association written communications, specifying 
the names of their messengers, dismissed by letter, excommuni- 
cated, restored, and deceased since the last session, which shall 
be read and minuted accordingly. 

4- Every church in our union shall be entitled to a repre- 
sentation in the following manner, vhu, a church containing fifty 
members or less, shall be entitled to three representatives, snd 
one additional representative for every twenty-five over fifty. 
Any church failing to represent herself as above described shall 
state reasons at the next Association. 

5. Newly constituted churches shall be admitted into our 
union by messengers bearing petitionary letters. If, upon due 
examination, they he found orderly and orthodox their reception 

m J-L. 


shall be manifested by the Moderator giving the messenger the 
right band of fellowship, 

6. The Association, when convened, shall be governed by 
a regular and proper rule of decorum, which she is authorized to 
alter or amend according to her own views. 

7. At every session of the Association a Moderator shall be 
chosen by and from among the delegates present, whose duty it 
shall be to see that the rules of decorum be strictly observed, and 
to take the voice ot the Association upon all subjects legally in- 
troduced. .A Clerk shall be chosen in the same manner, whose 
duty it shall be to take proper and correct minutes of the pro- 
ceedings of the Convention. 

8. The Association shall have power to exclude from her 
union ^iny church who may violate the Constitution or depart 
from the orthodox principles of the Gospel. 

9. The Association shall furnish the churches with the min- 
utes every session. 

10. Every query sent by a particular church must be in- 
serted in her letter, certifying that she has endeavored to recon- 
cile, and has failed. In such a case the Association shall take 
it under consideration, and the voice of a majority shall be con- 
sidered an advisory answer, which shall be entered on the minutes. 

11. Queries that immediately concern the general union of 
the churches, sent by a particular church, or introduced by a 
proper motion, shall be taken up and decided on as soon as prac- 

12. Any church in our union having a member she may 
think possesses promising talents for the ministry she shall, af- 
ter a thorough conviction that he is called of the Lord to work, 
proceed to license him to preach the Gospel, at discretion, and 
report the same at the next session of the Association. 

13. Any church in our union having a preacher whom she 
deems worthy of ordination, shall call a presbytery of ministers 
from sister churches to officiate in the work, and all presbyteries 
in the ordination of ministers and deacons, or the constitution of 
churches shall be governed by the Articles of Faith of this Asso- 

14. The Association shall have a fund, supplied from the 
voluntary contributions of the churches, and all monies thus con- 
tributed shall be transmitted from the churches by their messen- 
gers and paid over to the Committee on Finance. The Com- 
mittee shall be appointed annually, whose duty it shall be to re- 
ceive in charge the Association fund, and dispose of the same 
aggreeabiy to order, and make at every session a fair and sub- 
stantial report of all their proceedings. 

15. There shall be an Association Book provided in which 
the minutes of every annual session shall be regularly recorded 
by the Clerk, who shall receive an annual compensation for his 

16. The Association shall not adjourn any session until it 


rrrc 1 .— 


shall have finished all the business on hand — except it be in ordi- 
nary case«. 

17. The minutes of the Association shall be read, and 
corrected if necessary, and signed by the Moderator and Clerk 
before the session rises. 

18. The Association shall in all ca£es be governed by a 
majority of the members present. 

19. Giving or withheld charity from any benevolent object 
shall not be considered a breach of fellowship by this Association. 

20. Amendments to this Constitution may be made at any 
session when two-thirds of the members present may deem 


Article i. We believe in only one living and true God — 
the Father, the Word and the Holy Gho»t. 2. We believe that 
the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the Word of 
God, and the only rule of faith and practice. 3. We believe in 
the doctrine of election, and that God chose His people in Christ 
before the foundation of the world. 4. We believej in the doc- 
trine of original sin. 5. We believe in man's incapacity, by his 
own free will and ability, to recover himself from the fallen state 
he is in by nature. 6. We believe that sinners are justified in 
the sight of God only by the righteousness of Christ imputedjto 
them. 7. We believe that God's elect shall be called, regenerated 
and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. 8. We believe that the saints 
shall be preserved in grace and never fall away. 9. We believe 
that Baptism and the Lord's Supper are Ordinances of Jesus 
Christ and that true believers are the only proper subjects, and 
that immersion is the only Apostolic Baptism. 10. We believe 
that our Lord and Master washed His disciples' feet ; we ought 
to wash one another's feet. 11. We believe in the resurrection 
of the dead, and general judgment; and that the joys of the 
righteous and the punishment of the wicked will be eternal. 12. 
We believe thai no minister has any right to administer the 
ordinances of the Gospel but one who is baptized, and comes 
under the imposition of the hands of the presbytery. 13. We 
believe that none but regularly baptized believers have a right to 
commune together at the Lord's table. 




Articlk i. The Association "shall be opened and closed by 
prayer. 2. A Moderator and Clerk shall be chosen by the 
suffrages of the members present. 3. Tht Moderator shall be 
considered a judge of order and have a discretionary right to 
call order at any time. 4. Any member not satisfied with the 
decision may appeal to the Association on the same day, but at 
no other time. 5. None but one member shall speak at a time, , 
who shall rise to his feet, address the Moderator, and on obtaining 
leave, proceed. 6. The Moderator, when addressed for permis- 
sion to speak, 6hall signify the same by naming the person, or 
otherwise. 7. No member shall be interrupted while speaking, 
unless he depart from the subject, or use words of personal 
reflection. Everv motion made and seconded shall come under 
the consideration of the Association, unless withdrawn by him 
v ho made it. 8. Every case taken up by the Association shall 
le decided or withdrawn before another shall be offered. 9. 
When a question is taken up, after allowing time for the debate, 
the Moderator shall take the voice of the Absociation on the 
subject by yeas and nays, or otherwise. 10. Any member wish- 
ing to retire shall obtain leave of the Moderator. 1 1 . No member 
shall speak more than twice to the same proposition without 
leave of the Association, nor shall any pioposition be made to 
close tht subject until the debates have been carried through. 12. 
The appellation of brother shall be used in the Association in 
their addresses to each other. 13. The names of the members 
shall be called as often as the Association may direct. 14. No 
member shall be tolerated in any practice that may tend to inter- 

upt 1 ublic speaking. 15. The Moderator shall be entitled to 
the same privilege of speaking as any other member, provided 
he appoint another to. hie seat during the time; but shall not vote 
unless the Association be equally divided. i6\ Any member 

violating these rules shall be reproved by the Moderator, as 
directed by the Association — but only on the day the breach shall 
have been made. 17. The rules shall l»e read at the opening of 

every session of the Association, and shall be altered or amended 

when a majority of the members shall deem it necessary. 






First District 

Ant.och. . . 


Man Hill . 
Shady Grove 

Second District 

Centre Hill 
Collins Chapel 
Liberty Hill... 
New Salem . . . . 
Pleasant Grove 


Union Grove.. 



Bibb ... 
E bb . . . 
<<>ii Hon 
iibh . . . 
Bibb. . . 





S. Smitherman 

L. B. Pounds. 
S. Smitherman. 
S. Smitherman 
R. H. Long 

R. H; Long. 
S. M. Adams 
R. M. Hone ycu tt 

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M. D. Langvton, Six s Mile. 

A. Glass, Randolph 

E. G. Cofer. Jemison 

M. F. Lawley. Randolph . 
Tosepli Hilton, Randolph 

A. Glasscock, Randolph, 
W, A. Mims, Jemison. . . 

Felix Eiland, Thorsby. . 
D. <:. r Hiihbard,».lemison, 
J. E. Gentry. Jemison. . 
W. H. Conway, Jemison